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AyurJyothi Education is a platform for doctors, beauty professionals and students to learn natural cosmetology and advance their careers. It is the result of the diligent desire and hardwork of the team driven by our founder Dr. Amala Jyothi.

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What makes Ayur Jyothi Education special?

Our inception was the result of a genuine love for teaching. All the courses we offer reflect this value. We truly care for our students and their development. Our aim is not just to hand out certifications but to empower students with practically effective skills and knowledge.
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Our flag-bearer and best teacher

Dr.Amala Jyothi is not just our founder, but our best teacher as well. Hailing from a long line of Ayurveda practitioners, she had an affinity for cosmetology from her early days.
Dr. Amala Jyothi
That depends on which Ayur Jyothi Ayurveda Course you want to pursue. Our certificate courses are open for anyone having the willingness to learn. The “Diploma in Ayurvedic Beauty Care” course is open to you if you are a graduate; and Diploma in Ayurvedic Cosmetology is open exclusively for doctors from any stream.
For the 1 year Diploma in Ayurvedic Cosmetology, you would be able to access your course content for 1 year after you complete the course. For the 6 months Diploma in Ayurvedic Beauty Care, you would have access to course content for 6 months after you complete your course.
Basic concepts and basic formulations are provided as free courses on our official YouTube channel. In case you find a basic concept or formulation missing on our channel, you can request for the same and we will add it to the channel.

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